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Commercial Roofing Services in Dallas-Fort Worth & Beyond

Trust Our Top-Quality Commercial Roofing Services Backed by Industry-Leading Warranties

Trust Longhorn Enterprises of Texas, Inc for Commercial Roofing Services

Since 1993, Longhorn Enterprises of Texas, Inc has been the team to call when your business needs commercial roofing services. Our staff comes insured to each job to back up their experience and skills. We aim to give you a sense of confidence when hiring us, and we work with you from start to finish. Thanks to our time in the industry, we can access all the best materials and match your budget to prevent you from overspending. We also back up every one of our commercial roofing services with excellent warranties to give you even more protection when hiring Longhorn Enterprises of Texas, Inc. Give us a call today to get started, and do not hesitate to ask us any questions you have about the products or process.

Commercial Roofing Services Available

The Longhorn Enterprises of Texas, Inc team comes equipped with industry-leading tools and materials to provide you with commercial roofing services. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX business has come to rely on us when they need repairs, maintenance, and even total replacements. We can provide you with water tight, leakproof roof and save you money by improving your energy efficiency each month. Retain the warm and cold air you are pumping into your building. We can provide a roof system that best suits your business needs.

TPO Roofing
White Elastomeric Coatings
Polyurethane Foam Roofing

Stellar Warranty Options From Our Pros

Each of our commercial roofing projects comes backed by dual warranties to offer further protection, once we complete the project. These are a combination of contractor and manufacturer warranties. You have the advantage of the material manufacturer and the local contractor, Longhorn Enterprise of Texas, working together to provide 5 year, 5+5 option, and 10 year warranties.

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Over 28 Years of High-Quality Roofing Projects

For more than 28 years, companies in Northern Texas have relied on our professional roofing services, because they know we care. Longhorn Enterprises of Texas, aims for 100% customer satisfaction with each job we perform, and these warranties help us go above and beyond. To further help, we can catch issues before they become significant, with yearly maintenance inspection on top of the five-year visits. Trust our well-qualified and trained team of technicians to find any and all issues.