White Elastomeric Coatings

What Are White Elastomeric Coatings and Who Are They For?

Elastomeric roof coatings are paint-like products containing special blends of compounds and particles with unique physical properties. Applied on top of a roofing surface, these coatings reduce thermal conductivity, increase the UV reflectivity of the roof, and provide some protection for the roofing solution underneath. Flat-roofed commercial structures using polyurethane foam and similar roofing options can benefit dramatically from these additives.

White Elastomeric Coating Contractors Ready For Service 

At Longhorn Enterprises, we’re highly skilled not only in providing commercial roofing but in offering protective services such as elastomeric coatings as well. We serve the entire Dallas area and surrounding suburbs, and we will travel to other places — including Oklahoma, Arkansas, and West Texas — as needed to support our clients. Learn more about the services we can provide when you contact us today.

How White Elastomeric Coatings Are Installed 

The application of elastomeric roof coatings is straightforward. Typically applied via rollers, the coatings go onto the roof just like a coat of paint. Some time for curing is typically necessary to make the coating effective. Your structure may also require multiple passes to provide a layer thick enough to provide the thermal properties your business needs.

These white coatings reflect more of the sun’s energy away from the building. As a result, less heat passes into the building itself. HVAC equipment works less to keep the structure cool, and your energy bills decrease as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do elastomeric coatings last?

Depending on the applied coating thickness, they may last from anywhere between 10 to 20 years. Periodic reapplications will prolong the effectiveness of the coating used on your roof.

How much do elastomeric coatings cost?

The cost of coating your roof with an elastomeric product will vary based on the desired thickness of the coating and the size of the roof. Longhorn Enterprises provides personalized quotes to allow for easier project planning.

Are elastomeric coatings waterproof? 

Yes, these coatings can contribute to the waterproofing properties, especially when combined with polyurethane spray foam. While the coatings may let some moisture pass through, they are overall very effective at obstructing water.

Are elastomeric roof coatings better than silicone?

In most applications, yes, elastomeric coatings are superior to silicone. They do not allow as much moisture penetration or absorption as silicone, they are easier to reapply and fix over time, and they can withstand extreme exposure to the elements more readily.

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