Commercial Foam Roofing Products

for the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano and Frisco, TX Area


We specialize in industrial & commercial foam roofing in the Texas and Oklahoma areas. If you want to work with a roofing company that focuses on great work along with excellent customer service, call Longhorn Enterprises of Texas now! We understand that our customers are looking for not only a great installation of their roof system, they are also looking for an excellent customer service experience from start to finish.

Benefits of Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing offers many benefits and advantages for commercial and industrial properties. Below are a few examples of what using great products, along with great service can bring you with Longhorn Enterprises.

Water Proofing-

Worrying that every storm that passes through will lead to another leak in your roof can be a headache. Spray foam roofing offers protection against moisture, shielding against leaks, mold, and mildew. Spray foam material is waterproof by design. Water pooling on the surface of your roof won’t be a concern anymore. Spray foam is an air-tight material that can easily be built up to remove low lying areas.


Our commercial foam roofing products are made to insulate your business properly. Foam is the perfect insulator and can help regulate temperatures in any area. Properly applied polyurethane roofing provides the most energy-efficient roofing solution available.

Easy Maintenance-

Maintenance on your spray foam roof is easy and painless.  Every 10 or so years, your roof will need to be re-coated.  At this time, the roof will be checked for erosion, hail damage or abuse.  After your re-coating, your roof can last for 30 + years.

Energy Efficient Roofing for Your Business

When it comes to operating a business, every penny matters. While many businesses may focus on materials used, equipment, or other office expenses, energy use may be an area that you can improve. Summers here in the Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington, TX area can be brutal. However, our energy efficient roofing system can help reduce hot air from getting in and cold air-conditioned air from getting out. This will not only create better working conditions but will also reduce your energy bills, saving your business money.

To learn more about other great benefits of commercial & industrial foam roofing along with more details regarding our roof warranty, contact us today!



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