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Trusted Commercial Roofing Experts in North Texas

Since 1993, Longhorn Enterprises of Texas, Inc has delivered expert roofing services for commercial buildings in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and beyond. These companies come to us because they know we can provide expert repairs, maintenance, and replacements with ease. Our access to the industry’s best materials and tools ensures each job we finish is done correctly and accurately. Working on all sorts of different roofs with different materials means we can get to the bottom of your issue. We have a long history of success stories and invite you to check some of them out below. Reach out to our dedicated staff today to begin your project, and please ask any questions you may have about the process.

Types of Roofing for Commercial Buildings

We have worked on plenty of different commercial buildings in our over 15 years of service. We can help you choose the appropriate option so that your roof survives all weather scenarios throughout the year without cause for concern. Not only do we find the right one for your commercial business, but we get you one created to last. Below are the types of commercial roofing we provide:

Spray Foam

Also called SPF for short, this option is the most popular in the commercial industry thanks to its ability to protect flat roofs by stopping leaks and reflecting UV rays from further destruction. It also prevents pooling which can lead to more weight on your roof and mold or mildew. SPF is designed to last for decades with proper care and maintenance over the years.


Thermoplastic polyolefin is a total roofing solution for flat or low-slope commercial buildings. This modern commercial roofing material is manufactured using single-ply materials. After preparing the roof substrate and insulation, we cut each sheet specifically to the measurements and angles of your roof for installation. We weld the sheets together using special heat guns and other purpose-built tools to remove as many visible lines as possible.

White Elastomeric Coating

No matter what you cover your roof in, we can add further UV protection and more by applying a white elastomeric coating. This paint-like substance comprises special blends of compounds and particles with unique physical properties designed to protect your roof structure better. It does take some time to cure fully, and depending on the roof, we may need to apply multiple coats.

Longhorn Enterprises of Texas, Inc Protects Your Roof

No matter which option you chose, Longhorn Enterprises of Texas, Inc expertly installs them to protect your building and those working under it. Our professional skills and materials have been used since 1993 to provide offices, restaurants, storefronts, and more the added coverage they need to prevent leaks or other damage from weathering.

Schedule a Consultation for Commercial Roofing Services